Sporty Jewlery

Bottle Cap Necklaces
You can make a bottlecap necklace with just about anything!

I use ribbon for women's and if you would like one for a male, I can use cording or a chain. Bottlecaps can also be made into magnets, keychains, hair bows, bracelets, you name it!

Prices will vary from $8-$12 depending on how much detail you would like (rhinestones, beads, ext)

Beaded Bracelet, can be made with your school colors, and the charm can be of any sport! Bracelets range from $6-$10 depending on how the type of beads used and how many charms you would like on it.

 Domino Necklaces!
 Domino Necklaces can be as creative as you want them to be! Anything can be made into a Domino Necklace!
These run between $10 and $15