Friday, April 26, 2013

Its Been a while:(

I know it has been quite a while since I have updated this (3 years to be exact:(

I am no longer doing shirts or custom stuff to sell, but I would like to keep this blog open and start updating it periodically. I am thinking that I may start making it my own personal Coaches Wives only pinterest page, so post things that I find that I like and think you may like as well. I am finding all sorts of things online that I think are SOOO fun for football season and I think its only fair to share the awesome things that I am finding.
Does that sound fun?  It sounds better to me than keeping this blog up and not updating it at all!!

I will begin to work on this next week and I will add not only pictures, but links and prices as well:)

and if YOU find anything awesome, I would LOVE to share it too! Just post a comment or send me an email and include the link and your name and I will add it to this page!!

Thank you for being patient with me for the last 3 years! I sure thought I was busy when I had little kids, but now that they are getting older and have a life outside of mine and Josh's, I am getting busier and busier, so its been hard to keep up. But I am willing to try this out again because I think its so fun to have a site for coaches wives to go to, to find awesome football stuff!

Talk to you all soon!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coaches Wives and Team Mom Spiritwear!!

One Friday evening I was getting myself geared up to leave for our football game and I was frantically searching my closet for some sort of cute football shirt to wear. I didn't come up with anything useful, so I went into my craft closet and pulled out a strand of green sequins and I happen to also find a stash of crystal rhinestones hidden in a box. Looking back and forth between my plain jane Black V-neck tshirt and these crafts, I decided to decorate my shirt as if I was back in High School!

Forty five minutes later I was headed to the game wearing my new shirt. Yes, you could definitely tell that I whipped it up in a matter of 45 minutes, but that gave it character and I was happy with it. (plus I had my jacket ready to wear JUST IN case I wasn't quite so brave). As luck would have it, I got some stares, but also a few compliments that I felt were genuine:)

The next week I ran into the same issue and so from then on I have made a new shirt almost weekly for our football games and here I am 2 years later still creating my own shirts for each game. Its rare that I wear the same shirt twice in one season!

This past year I met a lady who shared my passion for rhinestone sports shirts, and this lovely woman happens to own a bling machine. She owns her own company, but she has been gracious enough to work with me and help me put my creative sportsy designs into real shirts!

As you flip through this site, notice that almost all of my shirts are either
a) Football or
b) Raiders

Please keep in mind that these are MY items, that I have put on the site, but I can create ANY shirt or item that YOU want! I am not limited just the the Raiders! ha
We can do anything in any color, I can do group orders, or customized one time items just for you!
Hats, Shirts, Pants, Necklaces, Bracelets, Even Noise Makers!
I can do Vinyl Print,  Rhinestones (several different types), Screen printing, I have also recently become a Jerzey Girlz distributor

If you have an idea of something  you want, but need a push, or someone to implement it, lets work on it together! Even if you choose not to purchase it through me, and you just need a little push, I would love to help!! No idea is stupid- I promise!

I can also do non sports related items as well! The sky is the limit!

So Welcome to Lady Mann's Locker Room- have fun navigating this site!
Thank you!
Brandi Mann

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lady Mann's Uniquely Designed Shirts

I search and search for pictures online, or I come up with something in my head and then I jot it down on paper. Sometimes I alter it a bit, sometimes I use exact pictures from a website, I might change the colors and add some type of wording that I like.
With the help of one of friends that owns a Shirt Designing Company, I have been able to make some really awesome shirts. This particular shirt is made using the DTG (direct to garmet) machine, meaning that the ink basically stains the shirt- it will look like you bought it straight from a store! I also added a little bling to add some, well Bling!

If you would like a Tshirt for yourself, for your Coach's Wives, or as a gift, I can do my best to help you design one. If you already know what you want, but need it put on a shirt, I can help!

Pricing Varies by the Design. I am unable to give exact pricing until I know exactly what you want, and what type of shirt you are looking for. You can mail me your own shirt if you would like and that will cut the cost down. Plus it ensures that you get the right size as I am unable to do returns for wrong sizing.