Sparkle in the Stands with Bling!!!

I have created several Rhinestone Bling with the Vinyl print shirts. The unique thing about the vinyl is that it stands out, and it really pops with the Bling. The other nice thing about the Vinyl on a shirt is that you can order it in any bright color as well as metallic and glitter and you can design just about anything. You can even put vinyl on top of Vinyl or Rhinestones on top of vinyl to make it really pop out.

You have several options when it comes to making a shirt, you can go with all bling, or you can go with combining Rhinestones and Vinyl. The less rhinestones that you uses, the less expensive the shirt will be:)

Here are several shirts that I have created. Let me create one for you!!

 We can do ANY school logo that you want! We can even customize it to your liking. Maybe flip your school colors around and instead of a black panther, maybe put a pink panther on a black shirt or something

Be proud to be a Coach's Wife with this super cute, super flashy Coaches Wife Tank.
Can be made on a T shirt or sweatshirt if you prefer! Or with a Basketball, Baseball, or any other kind of ball!

Sparkle in the stands with your Bling!!!
You can do almost anything with rhinestones!

Get Creative with a design, creative phrase, or your team name!

Want a cute nickname on your shirt- Let's Bling it!