Monday, January 25, 2010

Lady Mann's Uniquely Designed Shirts

I search and search for pictures online, or I come up with something in my head and then I jot it down on paper. Sometimes I alter it a bit, sometimes I use exact pictures from a website, I might change the colors and add some type of wording that I like.
With the help of one of friends that owns a Shirt Designing Company, I have been able to make some really awesome shirts. This particular shirt is made using the DTG (direct to garmet) machine, meaning that the ink basically stains the shirt- it will look like you bought it straight from a store! I also added a little bling to add some, well Bling!

If you would like a Tshirt for yourself, for your Coach's Wives, or as a gift, I can do my best to help you design one. If you already know what you want, but need it put on a shirt, I can help!

Pricing Varies by the Design. I am unable to give exact pricing until I know exactly what you want, and what type of shirt you are looking for. You can mail me your own shirt if you would like and that will cut the cost down. Plus it ensures that you get the right size as I am unable to do returns for wrong sizing.